From The Grave

by The Almond Butters

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released July 8, 2014

All songs written and produced by The Almond Butters

Christian Weber - guitars, vocals, hand claps
Ro-Derrick Branch - keyboards, MC, hand claps
Chris Pickett - bass, hand claps
Kieran Ryan - drums
Gianna Baiges Parrilla - vocals
Ben Weissman - trumpet
Walker Brough - trumpet

Cover art by J. Gravett



all rights reserved


The Almond Butters Williamsburg, Virginia

Hailing from Williamsburg, VA, The Almond Butters began writing songs and playing local shows in early 2014. The band gained a cult following with its original blend of rock, jazz, and rap. After a brief hiatus, the Butters hope to move on to bigger and better things... ... more

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Track Name: Spin To Night
I don't know the way it's gonna be
I don't know who I'll be callin me
Shifty eyes tarnish my soul's instincts
Murky waters, guess I'm up shit's creek

Something about this ain't feelin right
Top of the world till it spins to night

When I'm older I'll take care of things
Till then I ain't no visionary
When I tire my worries carry me
Ask me why, 'cause baby it's easy
Track Name: Crackbilly
Tell yourself a tale so old
I wanna see but I can't let go

Be what you'll be, I should've known
Unfolding me I lose control

If you wanna celebrate, c'mon, don't hesitate
Banking on the sun to wait
Well I know how it feels bein' alone

Strange feeling comin' on
It knows where we all come from
You knew all along
I wanna see your cannonball

We're runnin' and runnin'
Track Name: Hot Splinters
Visions like hot splinters
Visions far from here
Swelling, surging, I sink low
Swallowed by desire

Fictions rip flesh from bone
Fictions steal my mind
In your eyes I bleed out
Chase them 'round my head
I don't want another thing

I just want you now, no more acts
One thing I know, alone, the mind runs wild
These easy fears set me back again
It's one thing I know

Step outside your mind for a little while, see it's alright
Loss and gain this story of mine
Well you realize that it's alright
Come just close your eyes for a little while, see it's alright
Well is it alright?
Track Name: Irking The Imp
Sing your song and carry on
Or write it down, it won't take long
A lullaby to rest easy
Sing your song

The light is on but no one's home
The soul is safe in the flesh and bone
A wishing well so the will keeps strong
A wishing well

Nagging doubt is creepin' on
Life ain't short, baby it's too long
Curled up like you're sick, I can't say I get it
Just waiting it out
Track Name: Highland Park
Drums stir the herd
We're flies in amber
So what we're just little turds

Come now friends, we've waited too long
Drink up the wine's no good after dawn

Drums stir the herd
We're flies in amber
So what we're just little turds

Heads in the sky can only ask why
But now ain't a time for whys
Leave those at the door
It is what it's for
Never been so sure
It is what it's for
Track Name: Look To The Sky
The sun is setting on the sea
But will it rise again for me?
And what these troubles tryin' to say?
Oh Lord I'll understand someday

I think I seen your face before
Crawlin' back inside the door
I think I seen your face before

Up to the clouds I send my plea
But they hold a ransom over me
And tell me mother what you mean
When you say life is but a dream

You will see past this little ploy
You will set free this little boy
And he'll save you

I drift away into the sea
The waves, they pull me underneath
The moon is smiling 'cause he sees
The waves, they take what's left of me